Investing in rising cryptocurrencies

Welcome to the exciting world of Cryptocurrencies

First of all, we have to conclude that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. For a decade, with the impressive rise of Bitcoin we have witnessed a gigantic growth in this new asset class called #cryptocurrency. Also, since 2015, Ethereum showed the world a brand new technology called #smartcontracts altogether with #blockchain-technology.

Not long after the introduction of Ethereum, many new blockchain projects also started launching digital tokens or altcoins. Moreover, many of these new coins are on the rise and are creating a very competitive atmosphere. Insiders say that peer-to-peer decentralized systems are opening the gate to numerous possibilities. Below some of the most important use cases:

  • digital value
  • smart contracts
  • digital tokens

Finally, many of these coins and projects are being developed on a daily basis. This site will give you(as an investor) the opportunity to follow the progress of individual tokens on a seven days period.






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